someone’s shopped sebastian stan’s head onto lindsay lohan’s body for a gifset of that bit in mean girls where janis is like “you smell like a baby prostitute” right

#the word unblowupable is thrown around a lot these days



i still would have wanted lucrezia to poison his sorry ass

#it doesn’t even matter who this is about

the fucking borgias theme song started playing out of one of my tabs but i cna’t fucking find the right one i don’t fucking need this emotional drama fucking chanting music rn


there’s a simple plan song that’s pretty much “fuck you dad I hate you” but I can’t remember which one it is but that one too

Anonymous said: i'm so mad with u and your borgias blogging. i just started marathoning. it's finals week i'm supposed to be studenting and instead look what u've done how dare u

have you not seen it before

so far what’s your favorite scene where cesare doesn’t consider trying to hide how in love with lucrezia he is

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last night sara decided that if cesare borgia has an internal soundtrack it’s mostly made up of songs by simple plan 

hissing sounds

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Artist: Tom Waits
Title: What's He Building?
Album: TW - 1999 Mule Variations