annoyed that i have to work tonight tbh i wanna stay home and easter blog 

somewhere charlie is repeatedly referring to jesus as “zombie jesus” and mac is becoming increasingly enraged

i put on my rosary before work and now i’m suddenly very cold what is jesus trying to say here

Anonymous said: what does cw mean

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia thursdays on FX

"Even his enemies never denied his personal courage; he was also totally amoral, vengeful, treacherous and deceitful, ‘the great dissembler’ as Machiavelli described him, a man apparently incapable of deep and lasting human affection – except perhaps for his sister, Lucrezia."

throws book against wall

Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: Don't Worry Baby
Album: Shut Down Volume 2

For a long time, memory researchers assumed that memories were like volumes stored in a library. When your brain remembered something, it was simply searching through the stacks and then reading aloud from whatever passage it discovered. But some scientists now believe that memories effectively get rewritten every time they’re activated, thanks to a process called reconsolidation. To create a synaptic connection between two neurons the associative link that is at the heart of all neuronal learning you need protein synthesis. Studies on rats suggest that if you block protein synthesis during the execution of learned behavior pushing a lever to get food, for instance the learned behavior disappears. It appears that instead of simply recalling a memory that had been forged days or months ago, the brain is forging it all over again, in a new associative context. In a sense, when we remember something, we create a new memory, one that is shaped by the changes that have happened to our brain since the memory last occurred to us.

Slate Magazine, “The Science of Eternal Sunshine by Steven, March 22, 2004

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